Solar photovoltaic is green and environment friendly energy source. Recent years increase in electricity prices leads toward photovoltaic energy. SITECNO GROUP designed solar energy kits. This is tailored solution for on-grid, off-grid and hybrid consumption for homes, businesses and industries. Solar energy generated by the sun is free and abundant. These kits capture this energy for you. Produce your own solar energy and get savings on your electricity consumption up to 100%.

Self-consumption systems
Since each customer has a different demand and consumption of energy curve, we have designed different solutions to fit for every situation and offer a perfect solution based on the solar resource, optimizing efficiency, simplifying monitoring and enabling the highest possible cost savings.
The solar energy kit solutions are grouped into six categories, depending on the relationship between solar output and electricity consumption:

On grid systems:

  1. Instant self-consumption system with feed in to the grid
  2. Instant self-consumption system without feed in to the grid
  3. Solar system hybrid compatible with diesel generator
  4. Solar system with batteries and compatible with diesel generator

Kit advantages:

  • Saving in electricity consumption up to 100%
  • Environment friendly noise free own energy production
  • EU highest quality components perfectly tailored to each other
  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • Self installable plug & play system
  • Utilize biggest free source of energy the sun
  • Very low maintenance